Firemagic Production - Fire juggler - Firedance team


Firemagic Production - Fire juggler firedance show
"Because, no fire without magic..."

The FIREMAGIC production was formed in 2004 among the first Firedancer - fire juggler groups in Hungary under the leadership of Beáta Illés. To date, they have given performances at thousands of events around the world. The internationally recognized Firemagicians have set a new performing-art trend in the world of fire juggling, this is the acrobatic Firedance. The group is dedicated to popularize this new trend and raise it to the highest possible standard while dazzling its audiences with most spectacular and extreme shows imaginable. They are present worldwide, the United Arab Emirates through to Italy, the largest companies (Microsoft, Crytec, NavNGo, Heineken, vodafone, Goodyear, Michelin, Bosch, Danubius Hotels, stb.) are satisfied ordering.

The team members have the special fire safety exam and pyrotechnist certificate, because the safety is essential.


- Acrobatic fire juggler and Firedance show
- Stilt walkers
- Fire juggler welcome show
- UV & LED light show
- Fire belly dance show
- Theatrical and stage pyrotechnics, Fireworks
- Aerial silk and hoop productions